Salient Features
company's name      1. Karnataka Strips Private Limited.
                                 2. United Galva Limited. 

Location : Bellary , Karnataka(Southern part of India).


1. Cold Rolling mill and Galvanising line integration for the first time in south of India.
2. Strategically located, capituating huge source of raw materials for cold rolling Mill at a     minimum inventory level.
Salient Features

Karnataka Strips Pvt Ltd.

1. Push Pull, Shallow type Pickling line of Production capacity: 72000 MT Per Year.
2. 1050 mm wide 4Hi Cold rolling mill of Production capacity: 64000 MT Per Year.
3. C R slitting line.

United Galva  Limited.

1. 1000 mm Continuos Galvanising Line - Wet Flux type, Computerised
2. Finishing lines. E.g. CTL, Corrugation Lines

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